NaaS as step towards SDN

API is the most powerful feature of SDN- the programmable network. It will open a world of opportunities in terms of flexibilities and features for both operators and app developers. The current networks are rigid and make operators “lock in” to vendors. SDN will help avoid this lock in by making a network a flexible platform which will respond as operators desire. This will reduce OPEX that comes because of manual provisioning of services and will help in bringing innovation because the operators may develop new applications easily and flexibly.

SDN focuses on Network as a service or what is termed as “NaaS” in cloud computing. With Naas operators will have control over bandwidth, routing and QoS of their data. They will be able to give differentiated services. With SDN, operators can leverage the existing NaaS initiatives and build up their SDN infrastructure from there. The knowledge and skills gained with NaaS today will be and prove very useful to develop SDN ecosystem of apps. The experience of these operators can help the new comers into SDN to learn from them.

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